Saving for a luxury watch?


rolex-oyster-perpetual-datejust-2-rolesor-watch-6Never thinking you can afford a luxury watch is the first mistake most people collecting wristwatches make.

I know this sounds a little absurd to some of you but I do find truth in it. Using myself as an example, being 32 years old and being a normal middle class worker whom is an avid watch collector.

I’ve learned a few things as the years gone on. One being that good watches are not cheap and secondly impulse buys are the devil and can hinder one from obtaining their goal watch.
For me I had a small collection of about twelve pieces that were made of mostly impulse buys that I would pick up on the fly if the watch caught my eye.  Big mistake. Wasted money.
I say mistake and wasted money only because I wanted a Rolex but saw that price tag and would get the shock that comes along with it and would move on. That would leave me to purchase something else to fill the void. That’s when I finally dove into my watch case and totaled up what I’ve spent and was unhappy with the results.  Although the amount I spent on these fashion brands and lower tier watches would not equal the cost of a Rolex it would have given me a great head start to possibly own one now. That’s a mistake that I did not want to continue to make.

Fast forward to present time, nearly a year and a half later, I’m months away from making that first luxury purchase. Here is the decision I made.  I did it with a lot of time researching YouTube watch reviews and reading forums on various subjects. Doing that will make one more brand aware of what your money is being spent on but also help with saving. For me I couldn’t buy a watch without extensive research and in turn the watch saving would grow and when I was done reading up on that watch in most cases I’d pass on and look up the next.rolex_box7

I hope some of you find this a little helpful as saving money for your grail watch is a process and could take some time. Hard work, research  and determination are the keys to reach your goal. Little by little chip away. You can do it. Hey, I never thought I could.



4 thoughts on “Saving for a luxury watch?

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you are making the right decision.

    I am of the opinion that less can actually be more and not only in the sense that “quality is better than quantity.” A man that wears one or two watches, to me, shows (not has) more character than the man who has more. Paul Newman, for instance, could have owned a lot of watches but he seems to have chosen to wear the Rolex Daytona for a good part of his life. The watched showcased his passion for racing and his appreciation for craftsmanship and design. To me, his actions seem to have implied that “there is no point in fixing what is not broken.”

    On another note, with you owning just one or two watches, you stand a chance to make a mark on your timepiece/s as well. Perhaps, one day, someone out there would choose a watch because it was one you wore.

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    • Thank you. I appreciate your comment very much. It’s true for me less us better. Hopefully someday I can pass my watch down to the next generation and have all the memories that I make with it go along.

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