Trimming Down the Watch Choice



Making the decision to save money towards a watch was something that I’ve been thinking to do for while. My original plan was to save and purchase a Seiko SKX and that has progressively changed as I’ve been learning more about the subject.  Fast forward to present time and I’m on the way to my first luxury purchase. Rolex Submariner no date 114060 is the decision I have made finally and it wasn’t easy.
Throughout the decision process I have watched many great YouTube channels and blogs. These different outlets gave a great deal of information about each timepiece I was interested in and ultimately help me with my choice. Having five watches to pick from was not easy task but came easier as the knowledge and saving grew each month. I’ll share the list of watches below I chose to pass on and a quick reason why.

1. Seiko SKX: Great diver. I was in the hunt for a new one to replace my old Invicta. Passed because I couldn’t choose between the 007 and 009 model and eventually grew past it. skx009

2. Hamilton Khaki King: Liked the black dial with the day/day window on top. Good solid movement and I got offered a good deal. Passed on it due to an auction I was attending for potential watches. hamilton ka ki

3. Longines Moonphase Chronograph: Wanted a different dress watch to replace the Movado Museum in my collection. Liked the moonphase function in a watch at the time. Longines heritage is strong. Beautiful white dial with blue hands. Passed due to the high auction price. It sold just under grey market price and did not have box, papers,or date changing tool. I enjoy this watch so much it made the first Wrist Watch Wednesday.longines-master-collection-mens-watch-l2-673-4-78-3-26

4. Omega Seamaster: Iconic Bond watch. Watch has strong, iconic heritage. Sturdy tool diver for my everyday lifestyle. Liked the wave pattern background. Passed on the Seamaster when I got the opportunity to try a friend’s on at the gym. Didn’t like the wrist presence on me and I wasn’t a big fan of the polished links on the bracelet either. omega sea

5. Omega Speedmaster: Again this has the brand has the prestige.  The Man on the Moon watch or MOTFM depending who you ask. Beautiful watch can be dressed up or down with pretty much any type of bracelet or NATO strap.  The Speedy doesn’t really have many negatives in my book to deter me from picking this watch that I can think of. Pass on this only due to going to my original choice of Rolex. motm

Tune in to next blog where I have my Rolex elimination list and see why they didn’t make the cut.Any questions at all feel free to  Contact me.


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