The Urban Gentry Channel: 5 tips for purchasing vintage or used watches online


While catching up on The Urban Gentry Channel video’s I have missed out on the past few days. I stumbled upon a good video there about buying used or vintage watches.
In this video the host Tristano gives you 5 tips that will help you make better decisions on online purchases on sites such as Chrono24 or ebay. Below I will give a recap of the 5 tips and links to the video itself and the Urban Gentry page.

Tristano’s Top 5 Tips on Buying Used or Vintage Watches Online:

5) When purchasing a vintage or used watch, know your reason behind buying.
a. Is it an investment? If so stick to bankable reputation or iconic brand (ex. Rolex, Omega)
b. Is it for pleasure?  Buying to make you happy.

4) Research. Do your research!
Most important thing when making a purchase is to know what yu are buying.  There is a vast amount of information available on the Internet to take advantage of if you know where to look. Best places to start would be watching reviews on YouTube. You can also visit message boards and different brand specific groups to get great help from actual owners of these watches.

3) Performance of the watch.
Make sure that you can find out when the last time the watch was taken in for service or was ever serviced. This is important to ensure that the watch is working properly and that all of the functions are performing to manufacturer standards. Most importantly make sure the watch in question keeps good time and that the power reserve holds the stated charge (if equipped) .

2) Condition of the watch.
Some questions to ask yourself when determining the condition of the watch should include:
– Are all parts original?
– Was the watch polished? Over polishing? Lugs straight?
If pictures of the movement are given do they match the correct movement that should be in the watch originally?
Box and papers are not massively important but does help keep the value a little better and more desired in used market.

1) Reputation of the dealer
Some factors when choosing a reputable dealer or watch seller you should look at are:
– positive feedback ratings
– knowledgeable (when asking questions)
– wealth of experience (in business a long time)
– customer service



I figured that I would share this Video in hope that it will benefit someone in their next purchase. Go over and visit the official youtube channel of The Urban Gentry and check out all the great videos he has going on.


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