My top 2 horology channels on YouTube


When wanting to learn more about certain watches there is only so much reading a person can do.  I’ve started to search elsewhere for help and opinions that can further my knowledge in making a future purchase other than blogs which led me to youtube. Browsing page after page you sort the good from the bad and become more engaged with this new community that I found extremely helpful on my learning journey.  Below are the two pages I subscribed to and I honestly feel that they give the most honest, non-bias review and help.

The Urban Gentry Chanel


This is the first channel one should subscribe to if they are just getting into the hobby of collecting or enjoying watches. Here the host Tristano reviews and gives his opinions on the mid and low tier watches. You will notice his passion right away as he goes into detail describing each watch he reviews. He’s a very genuine host and is very active with engaging with his audience on both his ever growing youtube channel and Facebook group. Tgv also is known for his well shot videos and intros; always top notch work. Here is a link to The Urban Gentry Channel . Go over and check the governor out and enjoy all the great videos and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

tgv 1


Federico Talks Watches

talk watches

The second channel I would recommend anyone to take a look at is Federico Talks Watches. Here the host Federico takes on the higher end luxury watches. He is a veteran in the watch game for a long time with his experience in sales for several major luxury brands. If you are thinking about spending a larger chunk of money on a watch I would advise you to check out this channel and seek Federico’s advice. Again, Federico is a very knowledgeable, can’t be said enough.  He has an energy being the camera that will have you coming back to enjoy all his content. Here is a link to Federico Talks Watches . Go over and look around, like and subscribe.

tgv and fed


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