Federico Talks Watches: 7 quick tips for summer watch wear


Summer is in full bloom and wearing a watch can get a little annoying sometimes with sweat and wrist swelling.  Add in the trips to the beach and all the summer activities that your watch will join your on can all take its toll on the longevity of you piece . Luckily I

stumbled across Federico Talks Watches and he had a great video that shared 7 quick tis to help you wear a watch in the summer. Below I’ll just list Federico’s 7 tip and at the end the link to the original short video and channel.


7 Quick Tips for Wearing a Watch in the Summer

1. Do not wear leather or alligator straps

  • Sweat will stain straps (leather could get expensive )
  • Stick with the bracelet, NATO, or perlon straps


2. Get your watch pressure tested

  • Water inside can affect the movement
  • Keep watch water resistant
  • No moisture under crystal


3. Do not wear a watch with plating

  • Oils in skin can affect the plating
  • Wearing can occur


4. Stay away from copper or bronze case watches

  • Again oils can react with the metals 
  • Can cause premature aging of the case


5. If you have your watch on a bracelet, slightly adjust it

  • Add a link or expand clasp slightly
  • Heat causes your wrist to swell making for an uncomfortable fit


6. Do not store your watch after wearing it in direct sunlight

  • Doing this can cause oils inside the watch to dry


7. Quick rinse

  • Luke warm water
  • Wash off oils, salts, or whatever may get on your watch that day


Here is the link to the video Federico: 7 quick tips for summer watch wear

Here is a link to Federico Talks Watches

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Go ahead and visit, like and subscribe to Federico Talks Watches. He truly is a knowledgeable industry guy. I featured him along with TGV from the Urban Gentry Channel My top 2 horology channels on YouTube


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