The Urban Gentry Channel: Top 10 Tips for Watch Collecting 



Hello watch world. Today I would like to share 10 tips for watch collecting that I thought were pretty straight forward and helpful. The tips came from a recent video from Tristano over at The Urban Gentry Channel. I figured I would share in hope it can help someone on their next watch purchase or someone new to collecting watches.


10. Buy within your budget

  • Don’t go into debt for a wristwatch.

  • Many great watches at all price points.
  • Can have fun choosing within your range.


9. Buy for yourself

  • Do not buy to impress others! (biggest mistake)
  • You will be the one wearing the watch daily.
  • Take & use advice. Ultimately pick what makes you happy!

8. Try something new

  • The classics or vintage may not be your style.
  • Check out a variety of different brands & complications.
  • Don’t dismiss a watch until you have tried it on.

7. Don’t compromise

  • Stick to your guns and don’t get distracted by other watches.
  • Don’t rush on making your purchase.
  • Continue saving & buy your grail watch!

6. Learn from your mistakes

  • Tastes change. ( watch crushes )
  • Keep evolving your collection.


5. Always do your research

  • Arm yourself with knowledge!
  • Lots & lots of great information is at your finger tips. Search online forums! Great help is always available.

4. Collection themes

  • Different watches for different occasions.
  • Match outfits, tatses, or hobbies.
  • Learn to enjoy certain complications.

3. Bigger is not always better

  • Larger collections are harder to maintain.
  • Watches lay around or don’t see wrist time.
  • Figure out the keepers!

2. Setting goals

  • Always have something to look forward to and to work towards. The reward will be well worth the wait.

1. Enjoy your journey  (most crucial tip)

  • Take in and enjoy the research.
  • Have fun looking and trying on all different watches to get a feel of your style.
  • Enjoy your new watch you worked hard to get!


Thanks for taking the time out to check these top 10 tips. If you want to see more of The Urban Gentry videos please click the link and enjoy tons of quality content.


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