Federico Talks Watches: 7 tips for purchasing from an AD


Hey watch enthusiasts I am back with some more helpful tips I discovered while watching an older video on Federico Talks Watches. In the short video the host Federico Iossa, a veteran in the watch business, gives several tips and helpful information to make your purchase from an authentic dealer a positive one. Below are 7 tip to get you on your way. I will also link the video below to watch and subscribe.


talk watches

7 Tips for purchasing from an AD

1. Don’t be afraid

  • If you are younger in age don’t be intimidated by walking in AD’s
  • Just walk in sales reps are generally very helpful


2. Research your AD

  • Different AD’s offer different discounts
  • Some are more helpful than others
  • Different AD’s carry different brands
  • Percentage off depends on location  (less off in larger cities)




3. Research the watch you are interested in 

  • Most sales reps are highly knowledgeable on the products  (there are bad / misinformed reps too)
  • Research now so later you are jot disappointed in the watch purchase
  • You will be spending your hard earned money. Take your time and learn your watch


4. Courteous to the staff

  • Don’t be rude to the sales staffeta no matter the luxury piece you purchase
  • The nicer you are the better you will be treated


5. Watch brand catalogues are free

  • They are freel and high quality
  • No purchase necessary,  just ask for one
  • Lots of great information inside




6. (Best piece of advice) DON’T talk about price or discount until you are ready to purchase 

  • No respected AD will give price before the sale
  • Could backfire next time you are in the AD
  • Ruining it for other buyers (asking for a discount and price but not purchasing could affect how the next customer may get handled. They might not even get offered discount)


7. When you are ready to purchase you need to stand your ground

  • If your demand can’t be made you need to stand yourground and walk away
  • You might just get called back for your deal or the AD could sweeten the deal by adding brand swag with the purchase


Hope these 7 tips can help you out on your next trip to the AD before you make your next buy!

Here is the link to Federico’s 7 tips for purchasing from an AD

Here is a link to Federico Talkes Watches


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