UFC’s Conor McGregor eyes up Patek Philippe for next wrist watch?



Conor McGregor, UFC’s current featherweight champion, is looking to make history this weekend where he is moving up in weight class to fight lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez. If McGregor wins he will be the first and only fighter in the UFC to actively hold two titles

in to separate weight classes.

Its no surprise with the amount of money Conor McGregor is expected to make from his big fight coming up that he goes and hits the high end shops in New York for some goodies.

It is well known that McGregor is a huge watch head and has already has a fair share of beautiful Rolex watches and other very high end watches such as AP and Franck Muller. It now seems that the Rolex watches are just not cutting it for Conor. In the latest episode of The Mac Life Conor is walking down to the shopping district in New York where he is talking watches to a friend. Its here that McGregor mentions that for his next watch he wants to step his game up and get a Patek Philippe!


     McGregor has a history of popping up after a victory sporting some new hardware on his wrist. I have here Conor McGregor watch collection a blog showing all of Conor McGregor’s watches he owns. It will be very interesting to see which Patek Conor will choose to add to the collection. I guess we will all have to wait and find out ofter UFC 205.


Here is the video below on YouTube of The Mac Life – Patek Philippe. Here McGregor talks about buying the Patek Philippe in the first 20 seconds in with friends.

*EDIT 12/1/2016 Conor McGregor gets his Patek Philippe watch as he predicted!

*EDIT 7/14/2017 Conor McGregor – Watches worn for the “Mayweather v McGregor” press tour


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