The 3 Types of People You Meet in Watch Groups & Forums 



While doing some recent research on some watches online I noticed something that all forums & messge boards seem to have in common. I thought it was quite funny so I had to make a quick list. It’s the 3 type of people that will respond to your watch related questions or your pictures of your watch.

In a quick list below I will run through the list of 3 people you are bound to run into on a watch forum or message board.  Let’s just hope you only run in the number one on my list:

1. The Helper

  • This is the person you always hope will comment first on your questions.
  • This person is knowledgeable on the subject in question; may have done the research already.
  • Will answer your question directly
  • Directs the person asking questions to someone more knowledgeable or even links him to more information.
  • Will give you a honest answer.


2. The Know-It All

  • This person’s advice is the ONLY advice to follow.
  • Will argue will all other posts that don’t agree with their view.
  • This person has to leave a negative comment about the question being asked.
  • Does everything within the post but give any useful information.
  • Hates fashion, cheap, homage, or watches with not a long line of history immediately.


3. The Waste of Money

  • First person to question a person’s priorities when someone asks a question on a luxury watch.
  • They like to ask “Why spend so much on a watch”?
  • The person will say to invest your money in something smarter than a watch.
  • “Why buy a Rolex, etc.  when a Timex can do the same thing”.
  • The best answer I see is “Why not just use your phone”.

If you are already in a forum or belong to a message board I’m sure some of this sounds pretty familiar to you. I just got a good laugh putting this together because these are some of the things I’ve seen in the world of horology.

Agree? Disagree?  Have something to add? Feel free to drop a comment below! Be sure to subscribe 🙂


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