What is a Grail Watch? 


Being a watch enthusiasts for a little bit over two years I have been hearing the term “grail” being used to describe recent watch purchases on forums online. I’ve see this term used to describe watches ranging from Seiko’s all the way up to Patek’s and still unclear myself as to what “grail watch” truly means.

To get a closer idea what a grail is I looked up the definition and Grail is defined as a thing that is earnestly pursued or sought after.


Now that we have an idea what a grail is and how it is defined I came up with 5 most common instances or ways in which I’ve seen the term used on forums and message boards .

1. Expensive Watch: Here the member makes the purchase of a watch that most people can’t readily afford.  The person has saved or purchased their watch to make a statement in the collection. Usually the last of the collection.

2. History of Piece: Here the person makes their purchase on the vast history of a certain watch company.  Example watch being a Rolex Submariner or an Omega Speedmaster.

3. Limited Edition Pieces: The member is saving up for a piece that is part of a numbered series or of a limited production. Usually a very expensive purchase due to the watch being more rare or sought after.

4. Personal Goal: This is the most common way that I’ve seen the term “grail” being accompanied by the name of a watch. Here the person could be saving up or buying any watch on any price level. Personal satisfaction of setting and obtaining a goal is the main goal here.

5. Celebrity Inspired: These watches are iconic for being worn by very popular celebrities or athletes. Like the limited edition pieces these watches are going to be on the expensive side and take the average wage earner some time to save for. Some examples of these “grail” watches could include  Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona and the James Bond edition Omega Seamaster.


So how would you describe your grail watch? It doesn’t seem to have just one answer?

I guess that my opinion is that a grail watch is what you make it to be. No matter the price tag or brand name it’s more the journey of saving and researching a particular watch you are interested in at a certain time and completing the purchase.

Please feel free to comment below or please share what you think a grail watch is or how it should be defined.


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