Austin Daniels: Respectable Mid-Tier vs “Junk” Mid-Tier Watches


Browsing YouTube the other day I stumbled across an interisting video by a youtuber user Austin Daniels I thought I should share with you. It’s goes on to explain the differences between a respectable mid-tier watches against so called “junk” mid-tier watches. In the

video Daniels goes in detail using two companies, Seiko and Squale, to show how choosing the right mid-tier watch brand can make all the difference in the future.

Here below is an outline on Austin’s video.

Daniel’s states the a major key in choosing a watch company is just how much they stand behind their watch. He goes on to state that there are two major things to consider also when buying a mid-tier watch and they are: servicing watches and company history.


Servicing Watches:

  1. They take care of the customer after the purchase.
  2. Make service readily and easily accessible worldwide.
  3. Company stands behind their product.



Respectable Mid-Tier Watch Example: Seiko

  • Solid reputation. (high end watches too)
  • Service watches easily enough. (service centers everywhere)




“Junk” Mid-Tier Watch Example: Squale

  • Can you even service a Squale?
  • 3rd party servicing.  (Singapore) – not Squale.
  • Final sale – Final hand in business.  (not a good sign)
  • Be careful about buying

Daniel’s finishes this part 1 of the video by stating “When a company releases and sells a watch and that the final sale is the final hand they have in it, that’s something to be aware of.”

He is the link to the first part of his video if you want to check it out. Not long. Austin Daniels video: Part 1


History of the Watch



Respectable Mid-Tier Example: Seiko 

  • Has been around a long time and holds a strong reputation.
  • Has a list of 1st in watch making – examples being: 1st production of quartz watch, 1st quartz chronograph, and 1st kinetic watch to name a few.



“Junk” Mid-Tier Watch Example: Squale 

  • Questionable history – Daniel’s claims to have tried to research some of Squale heritage from this passage on their company website.

” The first sporting successes, such as the world diving title won in Cuba in ’68, were linked to the names of products that had become as legendary as the medium, Master 50 atm.”

  • Austin found no information to support Squale’s claim. Thinks may have just been a marketing ploy.
  • Puts ideas in future buyers mind
  1. Diving watch
  2. 60s (history, old)
  3. Success in world diving title
  • Take history for what it’s worth.
  • Could be more clear on the company’s history.

Here is the link of Austin Daniel’s video: Part 2.

Hope you enjoyed the information. I watched this video late night while checking out Submariners reviews and stumbled into in and had to share.


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