The Urban Gentry Channel: 15 Essential Terms Every New Collector Should Know




A late night session of watching horology related videos on YouTube brought me to a video by Tristano or TGV of the Urban Gentry Channel. In this video TGV relays to his audience 15 terms that every new watch collector should know. Here they are below:

15 Terms Every New Watch Collector Should Know

1. Bracelet – Metal wrist strap of the watch.

2. Bezel – The metal ring surrounding the crystal of the watch. ( some rotate and have other functions)

3. Case – Metal housing of the watches mechanicals.

4. Face/Dial – Part of the watch that has numbers or hash marks.

5. Lugs – The metal parts that stick out of the watch case that frame and hold the bracelet.

6. Crystal – The glass piece embedded in the case that allows one to view the time.

7. Crown – Button on the side of the watch that pulls out to set the time and date. Some wind to set mechanical watches.

8. Complication – A feature on the watch beyond telling the time. ( day, week, moonphase, etc.)

9. Movement – The clockwork mechanism that enables the watch to tell time.

10. Quartz – A watch powered by a battery current that is sent through a quartz crystal that keeps perfect time.

11. Automatic or Self Winding – Mechanical watch that winds itself automatically using the natural motion of one’s wrist. Doesn’t need a battery.

12. Chronograph – A type of watch that can also be used as a stopwatch.

13. Power Reserve – How long a mechanical watch can run before needing to be wound again.

14. Tourbillon – A mechanical watch that features a clockwork in a constantly rotating cage to protect the watches time telling accuracy from gravity distortion.  ( TGV says that this term isn’t necessary for beginners )

15. Dive Watch – A watch that has been tested and will work underwater to a certain depth.

urban gentry

If you would like to head over to The Urban Gentry Channel and check out the original video by Tristano here is the link: 15 terms every new watch collector should know.

Or if you would like to read the original article from the Business Insider I will leave that link here also: Business Insider terms to know.


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