Wrist Watch Wednesday: Patek Philippe Calatrava “Squelette”





This weeks Wrist Watch Wednesday we are coming at you with one of the most elegant watches that eyes have ever seen. It’s the Patek Philippe Calatrava “Squelette”. Take a Continue reading


COMING SOON – Wrist Shot of the Week 


Starting up in August I would like to present a new segment of the blog called Wrist Shot of the Week. This segment will be here for everyone to get a chance to showcase their

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Wrist Watch Wednesday: Oris Aquis Date


Welcome to the month of May everybody! This brings us to another edition of Wrist Watch Wednesday where I will be sharing with you another one of my favorite watches. This is a divers watch coming from brand Oris. The Oris Aquis Date has been a watch that had my attention for some time. It wasnt only how beautifully designed and rugged Continue reading

Why Are Watch Enthusiasts So Mean?




Being a part of many watch groups and forums over the years I’ve come across a lot of very friendly, very knowledgeable, and helpful people.  Sadly, I feel that they are the minority in our niche group.  No matter the forum or group style weather it be luxury watches or your basic everyday horology fan page its astonishing to see how many Continue reading